Saturday, 16 April 2011

Full Circle Podcast Episode 18: Never Order the Fish

Full Circle Podcast Episode #18, Never Order the Fish is available from the main site.
In this episode: dissecting the news with a fish knife.
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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes
04:01 | WELCOME and INTRO
  • Ed – Playing Crysis II, upgrading the HTC Wildfire to CyanogenMod-7 stable.
  • Dave – Injury, illness, army exercises; Nexus 1 upgrade to Android Gingerbread; diagnosing the Acer Aspire’s power problem
  • Robin – rebuilding and scrapping PC’s for friends;
    Looking into WordPress for a commercial blog (somehow need to cross post and chain WP blogs together);
    Starting to data wipe HDD’s – various methods;
    Booked my ticket for OGG Camp ’11, 13-14 Aug – The Maltings, Farnham UK.
16:10 | REVIEW Issue #47 of Full Circle Magazine
  • Ed – File-systems on pg.20
  • Robin – Q&A on pg.34
  • Dave, Top 5 Education tools on pg.39
20:31 | NEWS
Stories this episode…
54:03 | GAMING

  • Ed – Minecraft, Full Circle Magazine had its own server in March. Minecraft videos on YouTube. Playing through Crysis II.
  • DW – Scum VM “Beneath a Steel Sky”
    next up ‘Simon the Sorceror I and II’ point and click adventures – The Longest Journey (not the Disney dog and cat movie).
59:40 | FEEDBACK: Your comments and emails