Review: Security Now Podcast

I've been listening to the Security Now podcast over on Leo la Porte's Twit network ( for more than a year now. It's an IT security show covering any and all security issues on hardware, software, hacking, data privacy, data recovery, legislation and audio tutorials on 'how stuff works.'

The show's presenter Steve Gibson is what I call 'old-school geek' but this is no bad thing. You get Leo's laconic US anchoring with Steve's combination of in-depth technical knowledge, passion for the subject and objective analysis honed through years in the industry.  All in all, it's a joy to listen to a presenter who is not only over-qualified (unlike certain podcast presenters not far from here we could mention!) but able to communicate difficult subjects for a wide audience.

The Security Now show breaks no moulds, but that, too, is no bad thing. The show alternates a 'regular' news and analysis show with a listener-generated 'questions and answers show.' Gibson goes through the latest Attacks & Breaches each time, followed by either a series topic or a Q&A session. 

It's an entertaining as well as informative hour and a half, sometimes longer. Don't begrudge the running ads for Spinrite, Gibsons' own software utility. Leo's other sponsor ads you can take or leave using your media-players' scroller.  RC