Swappiness on Friday Night

Lack of a life; it's Friday night and I'm lost in the guts of Virtual Memory Management. It's Part Two of my article for Full Circle Magazine, "The Pursuit of Swappiness. I know, terrible title.

I just realised this topic is "above my pay grade" by at least couple of PhD's. My ancient MSc looking rather poor. I should probably stick to the day job of talking rubbish into a microphone. Or go back to opinion columns, you don't need facts for those.

So I have written the Dr. Seuss version. I expect the Sysadmins to throw bricks at me by the third paragraph.

It's also quite long and needs proofing by another pair of eyes.  I think it may need an edit or seven. Can't think of any suitable illustrations to break up the text right now, either.