Wordpress.com Hacked

Just to prove you can never be too secure...

During the week we got a charming email from Wordpress founder, Matt Mullenweg:  
"Tough note to communicate today: Automattic had a low-level (root) break-in to several of our servers, and potentially anything on those servers could have been revealed...

We have been diligently reviewing logs and records about the break-in to determine the extent of the information exposed, and re-securing avenues used to gain access. We presume our source code was exposed and copied. While much of our code is Open Source, there are sensitive bits of our and our partners’ code. Beyond that, however, it appears information disclosed was limited."
Oh, good...
So calm, you'd almost don't realise that hackers gained root access to the Wordpress servers!

But it's all okay. Mullenweg continues:

"Based on what we’ve found, we don’t have any specific suggestions for our users beyond reiterating these security fundamentals:
  • Use a strong password, meaning something random with numbers and punctuation.
  • Use different passwords for different sites.
  • If you have used the same password on different sites, switch it to something more secure.
  • (Tools like 1Password, LastPass, and KeePass make it easy to keep track of different unique logins.)"
Hold on Matt, you've had a serious house-breaking but rather than tell us exactly what happened and what you're doing about it, you're telling me  how to keep my diddy little user id secure...???!! Hold on, not finished yet...
"Our investigation into this matter is ongoing and will take time to complete. As I said above, we’ve taken comprehensive steps to prevent an incident like this from occurring again. If you have any questions or concerns, please... contact our support." 

I appreciate your support. I shall wear it always. RC