Full Circle Podcast Episode 19: Burnt at the Stake

Full Circle Podcast Episode #19, Burnt at the Stake is available from the main site.
In this episode, Ubuntu 11.04 and Unity. 

Wilkins, Hewitt and Catling go head-to-head in the fight over the interface called (ironically) Unity.

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Show Notes

00:42 | WELCOME and INTRO

  • Ed – Trip to Rome, upgrading the HTC Wildfire to Cyanogen Mod 7.0.3. Installed 11.04
  • Dave – Handed in his dissertation on Lucan. Nexus 1 upgrade, downgrade, oer side-grade to stock Android Gingerbread. Installed 11.04.
  • Robin – upgrading the HTC Wildfire to Cyanogen Mod 7.0.0. Upgraded four machines to 11.04.
04:55 | REVIEW Issue #48 of Full Circle Magazine
  • Ed – File-systems on pg.20
  • Robin – How-to of Remastersys on pg.31
  • Dave – Gaming Volley Brawl on pg.35 (apologies we lost the audio for this bit)
12:05 | REVIEW: Ubuntu 11.04 The news this time is all Ubuntu 11.04!

1.26:23 FEEDBACK | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely.

Thanks to everyone who sent us messages recently. Our next show will be a Feedback Special!

1.27:19 | OUTRO AND WRAP

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