Monday, 2 May 2011

Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Eight: Hardware, Software and Knitting

Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Eight: Hardware, Software and Knitting is available from the main site! 

In this episode: News, U-Cubed review, and the Opentech Conference.

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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

00:51 | WELCOME and INTRO

02:05 |Report on the U-Cubed Event

06:56 | Congrats to Jon Spriggs on the birth of baby Daniel

08:01 | NEWS:
* Amazon Cloud EC3 Downtime Post-mortem analysis on Gigaom; (
Second-tier supplier Rightscale commented;

* Apple Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement
Samsung strikes back:
( docId=CNG.66ef27570de555c667474aeeac411e32.3a1)

* Internet Filtering Possibly Outlawed in Europe

* New KDE Project Aims at Tablets, Mixed UIs

* Sony, Hotz Settle Lawsuit
(suing your customers may be legal but it’s not fair; and it took you three months to realise this Sony??!?)

* Sony PSN down for 7 days and counting (Anonymous say “its not us”, Sony say “they didn’t get your credit card - but probably everything else up to your inside leg measurement)

* And finally... Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal released!

29:07 | OGG Camp 11 * This year's event is already a ticket 'sell-out' (  

32:49 | Interview: Sam Smith, Opentech Conference  
OpenTech 2011
Saturday 21st May 2011. (10:45 start)
Union Building, University of London.
Cost: £5 on the door.
Registration via the event website
OpenTech 2011 is an informal, low cost, one-day conference on slightly different approaches to technology, transport and democracy. Talks by people who work on things that matter, guarantees a day of thoughtful talks leading to conversations with friends.

Some highlights of previous Opentech Conferences
* Ipod shuffle shuffle: Ewan Spence 

49:00 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us  

49:39 | WRAP and OUTRO

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