KDE for Tablets

New open source projects have been created by the KDE developers aimed at bringing a consistent user interface across a variety of touch screen interfaces for tablets and multi-media devices. The new Plasma Active and Contour projects are aimed to offer a new user experience for tablets, smart-phones and set top boxes.

Given that KDE has taken great strides forward with its' UI design, with KDE 4.5 and 4.6 finally delivering in robust code the vision it set out for 4.0, this holds a great deal of promise...

KDE has the visual pizaz to attract users to news devices and the design thinking has already matured with the use of widgets and a consistent UI for desktop and laptop PC's.

Plasma Active runs on a Linux desktop stack, including the kernel, Qt and KDE's Plasma framework. MeeGo will be an initial target platform for the Contour interface.

"Vision: Activities and Recommendations. Contour sets out to break with this tradition and to combine the available data with personal usage patterns and context information. The Contour project aims to provide different entry points for different situations and contexts, called activities. In a work environment for example users have different preferences than they have on the train or at the opera. So the activities can contain different resources like files, contacts, applications, information etc.

The system provides smart recommendations based on the current context like the current geo location, time but also the current activity, active files and applications or recent action history. So the provided resources depend not only on the context, but also on the previous behavior of the user. The system tries to learn those patterns and adjust them to the users' needs in every situation."

This could be a serious rival to Gnome 3 Shell and Ubuntu Unity on the desktop and a project to hit the ground running for entertainment centers, tablets, smart-phones and embedded OS devices. Looking forward to it. RC