Saturday, 28 May 2011

Review: Banshee Media Player So Far

My Banshee experience started with the remarkably fast import of my music collection. Oft criticised, I don't see why. Banshee imported 5188 tracks in just over 5 minutes. How many times do you run import and how fast do you need?

The interface is reasonably intuitive and vaguely familiar; my problem is thinking it's Rhythmbox and mousing in all the wrong places. You can find most features quite easily and it doesn’t get in the way of what you need/want to do...

By default, Banshee will sort your music libraries into categories such as Unheard tracks, recently played and so on. Apparently I have 16.6 days solid music to play.

Banshee will even sort your audio books into their own category, with an  option to create a sub-library in the audio book collection. You can import music from a drive or from iTunes or Amazon .mp3 account, sync with or just turn off Banshee's internet capabilities.

Banshee allows you to edit, delete, add, or check online the various meta-data attributed to a track, although the tag editor is not as good as Rhythmbox. You can than use any of the meta-data fields to search for similar tracks in your library, but the one thing it is missing is genre search in the main search pane. RC

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