Monday, 6 June 2011

Add Places Icons to Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu always had an option for adding icons for places such as Home, Network and Trash Can to the desktop. They're just not enabled by default.

If a bare Gnome or Unity desktop is a bit too stark and you want the convenience of these icons, you can enable them.

Run the Gnome Configuration Editor by typing gconf-editor into a terminal or the Alt+F2 run dialog...

Looking suspiciously like a registry of settings, Gnome Configuration Editor controls a multitude of settings affecting your Gnome environment. Take care in this editor as you can seriously mess up your system by messing with the settings here.

Browse down to the following key:

    apps \ nautilus \ desktop

On the right hand side, you’ll see entries ending in _icon_visible. Click the check-boxes for those icons you want to see on your desktop. You can also change the _icon_name if you like, something not available in popular utility program Ubuntu Tweak. RC

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