Full Circle Podcast Episode 21 Wibberty Wibberty Woo Out Now

Full Circle Podcast Episode #21, Wibberty Wibberty Woo is available from the main site.
In this episode; Why do we need Ubuntu? The desktop versus the Cloud
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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard  

Show Notes

01:25 | WELCOME and INTRO  

06:53 | REVIEW: Full Circle Magazine Issue #49
  • Dave: - Ronnie's Thunderbird article p.20 - Smithie's opinion on Netbooks, p.26 - Ed's Revenge of the Titans review p.40
  • Ed: The open question 'I Think' article on Unity. p.27
  • Robin: Daniel Holbach's article on Ubuntu development, p.17
015:26 | NEWS

35:51 | OPINION: Why do we need Ubuntu? The desktop versus the Cloud.  

56:27 | GAMING: Trine. Although it killed Dave's laptop. Or maybe Dave killed Dave's laptop...
59:39 | FEEDBACK: Call to action - anyone an expert in protecting yourself and your Open Source project against copyright and patent issues.