Submit Sites to Search Engines

Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing Simply being listed in search engines doesn't guarantee you traffic. However, not being in them guarantees near invisibility. Similarly submitting once doesn't guarantee a presence for life. The proper 'grown-up' Search engines send out web spiders to crawl for information regularly. They look for new and updated content, so you need to submit your site periodically to be crawled and updated in the search engines' indexes.

It's worth running through the process for sites in the big 'three' Google, Bing and Yahoo (despite Bing and Yahoo being effectively the same search provider since they linked up)...
Google: The Google submission form is straight forward.  

Add: URL. Your site address. (For example, or )

Comments: Description of your site ( For example, "technology, lifestyle, performance, business, training, art, music, film and theatre. Express everything."

Optional: Captcha verification. Read the note on the form;  
"To help us distinguish between sites submitted by individuals and those automatically entered by software robots, please type the squiggly letters shown here into the box below." 

I don't know what algorithm Google applies these days, but I'm assuming it will prioritise manual submissions over random bots and aggregators - I would. So fill in the Captcha. Then click Add URL.


Yahoo adopted a different route some time ago. To use it's site submission, Yahoo needs to 'verify' your site. to do that you have to sign in with your yahoo id. Get one if you don't have one, it's free. The sign-in process is designed to cut out the bots and SEO hackers trying to scam the system. Then submit your website. Submit your site feed too.

Bing is the worst of the three. The form is simple. The captcha box is terrible, the single worst captcha verification I know. It uses a combination of upper and lower case in different typefaces, which is worse than an optician's chart as part of a drink-drive test, includes numbers and sometimes rotates characters through ninety and one-eighty degrees. Is that an S, a Z, or an upside-down 2? 

Just keep trying. Submit your site homepage and fill up the captcha. Then click Submit URL

Bing implies it could be "several weeks" before a new site gets listed.
Conclusion Bear in mind, none of them guarantee, promise or even imply a listing and your site is only worth the content that's on there. Ignore the snake-oil SEO sales companies that promise first page listing in Search, very few people actually know anything. The hacks and cheats, keyword embedding, hidden div's in pages, link farms (especially those on the same IP address) will mostly fail or get you demoted for trying to scam the Search providers. Don't fall for it. Don't do it yourself. Visibility in search with quality content attracts traffic. 

Submit, be seen, be read. RC