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At the beginning of the month, eagle-eyed readers of my Blogger site will have noticed up to three "Recent Posts" widgets on trial in my layout. This is purely down to the fact that all of the Recent Posts, Recent Posts Advanced widget and another custom feed method all broke down in the updated version of the Blogspot platform and nobody seems interested in fixing them!

Yes, each would appear to work at first, but then blank out and no amount of refreshing would bring back my beloved content. So I tried some other methods of achieving what should be straightforward on Blogger...

One is to create a simple feed for recent posts; from the Blogger Dashboard, Add a Page Element, add a Feed (click “add to blog” under the page element Feed), configure the feed by adding the blog feed URL in the box:

Click Continue, change the title, save it, done! You can also choose to show the item dates and author.

My second was a find of some Javascript code which allows for the current title, thumbnail and snippet format.

In Dashboard > Design > Page Element > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript, pasting the code (bottom), then replacing the URL with your blog URL (
The optional settings include changing the number of posts from the default of 8 recent posts and changing the default height of the gadget on the page (thereby removing the scrollbar), by altering line #4 in the code:

    {“URL”:””},”height”:”500“,”count”: 8 }

I found emptying the value for height worked and 6 recent posts gives me a decent list length.

The third time I built the castle in the swamp and this time the castle stayed up! RC

Recent Posts Gadget code courtesy of  projectdigitaltomato:

No snippet

Use this code if you don’t want post snippets to show. Only thumbnails and titles will show.