Highlights of OGG Camp Day Two

A free two-day event about technology, open source, music, art, politics, community, creativity, and more!

August 13 & 14, Farnham Maltings, Hampshire UK.

So quickly here, so quickly over. It's all done.

So I did very little for two days except sit on my butt and be greatly entertained and informed by both speakers and other attendees.

Straight into Day Two's highlights.

In no particular order:
  • Careers in Open Source, by LornaJane Mitchell was a big draw, although I was upstairs for the next two;
  • Andy Piper on MQTT, MQ Telemetry Transport, an open protocol developed out of MQ series Message Queueing
  • Laura Czajkowski encouraged us to experience Life in Open Source Outside IRC
  • Southampton OpenData project presented by Chris Gutteridge (with some delightfully manic Michael MacIntyre moments) showed just what you can put together with open data.
  • a recording of the Dick Turpin Roadshow podcast
  • the fine comedy turn that is the OggCamp Raffle and wrap-up (so amusing was the sight of Alan Pope running up and down the auditorium, nobody bothered to point out that the winners come up to collect their prizes at every other raffle)
  • finishing with a well-attended drinking session at the Premier Inn Aldershot
Well done to the UUPC and Linux Outlaws teams, Les Pounder and the crew, the speakers and the handful of people on Saturday who all said "hello, I recognise that voice!" RC