Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Ten: Dancing in Bare Feet

In this episode, interviewing Paul Levy and Becky Hogg.

Just me, Robin Catling hosting things today, but I'm not alone, as we have not one but two guests.

First up is Paul Levy, from Cats3000, Rational Madness and the Critical Incident un-conference, who will be talking about Learning to Dance with Spiders. We'll follow that with an interview I recorded about a month ago (before I got caught up with OGG Camp). Our second guest is Becky Hogg, journalist, activist and author of the book Barefoot into Cyberspace.

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Your Host: Robin Catling (blog at http://catlingmindswipe.blogspot.com/, twitter @robincatling) Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard 

Show Notes  

00:59 | WELCOME and INTRO  

02:26 | Interview: Paul Levy Discussing:
  • Cats3000 and Rational Madness
  • Texts theatrical performance
  • Critical Incident unconference
  • which together lead to Learning to Dance with Spiders: "Led by Paul Levy. Paul will share some experiments from his forthcoming book about living consciously with your mobile phone and staying intact in the world of social media. Truly ground-breaking, uncomfortable, and usable."
Also discussed:
Paul Levy's site combines Cats3000 and Rational Madness at http://rationalmadness.wordpress.com/, where you will also find the e-book The Collusion of Mediocrity. It's a little early for the Critical Incident un-Conference for 2012, but take a look over the conference notes for last year and this year over at Critical Incident website, www.thecriticalincident.com/  

26:48 | Interview: Becky Hogge Becky Hogge Barefoot into Cyberspace: Adventures in Search of Techno UtopiaAuthor of Barefoot into Cyberspace - Adventures in Search of Techno Utopia Through activism and journalism covering hacker counter-culture, from Stallman and Lessig, the Chaos Club to WikiLeaks Julian Assange and Rop Gonggrijp, quote:

"I think most of what were fighting still today in the world is incompetence. Most of what we’re fighting is stupidity, and maybe a little bit of opportunism. There is also the ominous, control-seeking large corporate interests."

"We come in peace. We’re not called Chaos Computer Club because we cause chaos. If anything, a lot of our collective work has actually prevented chaos by pointing out that maybe we should lay some decent virtual foundations before we build any more virtual skyscrapers."

Barefoot into Cyberspace: Adventures in Search of Techno-Utopia by Becky Hogge, illustrated by Christopher Scally

ISBN 978-1-906110-50-5 (print) | 978-1-906110-51-2 (Kindle)

1.10:49 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us  

1.11:10 | WRAP and OUTRO