How-to: Change Ubuntu Unity Configuration Settings

The Ubuntu Unity desktop doesn't have a lot in the way of user preferences - unless you know where to find them. You can adjust some of the settings in Unity if you can get to grips with the plugins for the Compiz rendering engine.

You will need the CompizConfig Settings Manager installed as a pre-requisite. You can install it through Software Center by searching for 'CompizConfig Settings'
  • Run the CompizConfig Settings manager then under Preferences you will need to find and add the Unity plugin to the CompizConfig Settings panel. You will need to turn off Automatic sorting to unlock the plugins list to add it to the active panel.
  • In CompizConfig Settings, select the Unity plugin, then choose the 'Experimental' tab.
    There's a stack of settings to adjust for transparency, timings for show/hide, Dash icon animation types, showing of devices in the Dash and blur.
It's not the complete control over settings you get in Gnome Desktop, but then as we know, Unity is not Gnome. RC