Friday, 16 September 2011

How-to: Sharing in now with Google Plus One sharing now with Google Plus OneYou can now hang out with the cool cats by adding Google Plus One sharing to your blog. At the bottom of each post and page you can now include Google Plus One sharing buttons for your readers to share your content across the full range of social networks/services. took a little while to catch up with Google Plus. There was a code generator for putting the Google Plus One button into a widget, but now Google Plus is included in the standard sharing options.

It is all encapsulated in the Sharing options to make it as easy as all the other services. From the Wordpress Dashboard, go to Settings, then Share Button.

Here you can customise which sharing services you want hooked into your blog. The common services - Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumblupon, LinkdIn and the rest have now been joined by a Google Plus One button. Email and Print are also standard buttons.

You can easily enable services by simple drag and drop of the buttons from the Available Services section down to the Enabled Services section. You can drag the buttons to the desired order and see how that looks in the Live Preview section.

You get to choose the button style and what pages on which Sharing will appear - this sets the granularity or level of sharing; that is, only on posts, on media within posts, on your homepage and static pages and so on. sharing now with Google Plus OneCustomising Sharing Services
By default, these are simply links to the sharing service, but you can also display Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg in “Official” mode, hooking into the specific API's in order to display the number of shares in real-time on your blog post pages, as reported by each Official service - including the counter in Google Plus One.  

Hidden Drag and Drop services
If you want to save real-estate or minimise the amount of clutter on your post footers, you can also drag any of the services into the Hidden Services section. This places your enabled sharing services behind a single Share button, to be revealed as a little sharing dashboard when you mouse-over the parent button.

Adding Your Own Service Sharing 
Services outside of the standard set can be added as custom links, you just need to add it using the Add a New Service link in the Available Services section; you have to provide Service name, the Sharing URL and the Icon URL for the button (for example

The Sharing URL is the URL address to the sharing service. Quite flexible, this field accepts wildcards, for example %post_title%, %post_url% (short URL), %post_full_url% and %post_excerpt% in the URL. The example Wordpress gives is

Verify that the target service responds to the use of these wildcards (or variables) before you enable it on your live blog - so you don't look like a chump. You will be able to review your Sharing stats in the Dashboard.

It is possbile to turn off sharing for individual posts using the check-box in the Edit Post panel.

Code Master
As documented at the Google Webmasters page, you can get the code snippet for a standard Google Plus One button and do-it-yourself on Wordpress or any other website.

The official Google Plus One sharing snippet on the Official Google Plus One website provides for buttons in 4 different sizes as Small(15px), Medium(20px), Standard(24px) and Tall(60px). RC