How-to: Unity Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

The latest Ubuntu Unity interface is like Marmite, people either love it or hate it. Change is of course one of the most basic reasons to dislike it. The general lack of intuitive operation is another. Yes you can clatter about on the keys and mess with the mouse and 'discover' what it does. Or you can piggy-back off the thriving sub-industry of documented Unity Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts to help you.

There are lots of pages and blog posts popping up describing Unity keyboard and mouse shortcuts, the weightiest being that on Ask Ubuntu.

We'll not re-print the list here, it's one click, go read it.

There's also a thriving industry in cheatsheets, as desktop wallpapers and printable documents, in multiple languages and colour schemes. I like Octavian Damiean's Unity Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts Wallpaper (Ask Ubuntu again)  and the PDF cheat sheet by Brousch.

Search around some more you will find German and Spanish versions and who knows how many more. RC