How to upgrade Dell Mini 10v memory

Further to our previous article on How-to: Upgrade your own Gadgets, James Rintamaki ( shows you how to upgrade the memory in the Dell Mini 10v netbook from 1GB to 2GB.

I've followed his process with a little modification to perform just this upgrade.

The memory is mounted on the underside of the main-board and there is no access hatch in the case.  This means you have to fully dismantle the entire laptop to access the single memory slot.

There is a full set of printable instructions and a 10-minute YouTube video for you to sing along to.

Dell Mini 10v mainboard and memory slot
James confesses that doing this on carpet is a bad idea. I also think he's mistaken in pulling cables out by the cables themselves - I'd use the narrow-nose pliers to grip the plastic connectors.

Otherwise it's a solid tear-down for this specific model.

You can obtain the memory from a couple of suppliers on Amazon; I went for the most reputable Crucial memory for the Dell, since I don't want to be taking it apart again. RC