Full Circle Podcast Episode 26 Blame it on the Ferrets

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In this episode, UDs, Public Speaking and Barcamp Blackpool.

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Despite a whole bag of Skype fail, Ubuntu USB fail and microphone fail, we're lighting up like fireworks!  

Your Hosts:

  • Robin Catling (blog at http://catlingmindswipe.blogspot.com/, @robincatling on Twitter) Culture-vultures can also go to Everything Express as http://everythingexpress.wordpress.com/
  • Les Pounder (blog at http://lespounder.wordpress.com/ twitter @biglesp)
  • Dave Wilkins... is lost in Antiquity (twitter @DavidAWilkins)

  • Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

    Show Notes
    01:13 | WELCOME and INTRO:

    03:09 | Since Last Time Les
    • Robn - Closing Windows by Ronnie p.26 (despite the typo with sub-heading, we know). Finding the Linux equivalents of Windows features for the migrants.
    • Les - Review of Synergy on p32. - keyboard and mouse server sharing Also - Review by Hans Vandeveire of Mind mapping software- FreeMind on p.14
    25.26 | NEWS
    13:41 | GUEST: Interview - Philippa Hammond - Reading from the Script
    44:20 | GUEST: Interview - Gemma Cameron - Barcamp Blackpool 2011
    • Discussing the highlights of the Barcamp Blackpool Unconference last month.
      - Picks of the non-techie talks
      - Lally on British sign language.
      - Alex a comedic history of error messages. Including a live Sinclair Spectrum.
      - The Physics Busker with vortex simulator and rockets on the prom.
      - 8-bit Nintendo hammer bead patterns producing badges. 
    Barcamp 2011 is not over; talks, blog posts, audio will be going up soon.

    The planning for 2012 begins! (Gemma is @ruby_gem on twitter)
    57:06 | FEEDBACK

    57:38 | OUTRO AND WRAP