Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How-to: Adjust Density in New Look Gmail

Gmail Density control settings"You are my density..."
(George McFly, Back to the Future)

A common complaint about the new look Gmail is that we can't find the Denssity control to adjust the screen 'density', that is the effective resolution - font size and the amount of white space - in folder views.

Just to confuse us all, you get TWO gear icons in the new look Gmail for controls; the main Settings for Gmail overall is the one in the top bar, top-most right corner.

There is a second Gear icon for Mail Folders settings to the right of the folder controls - beside to the item count (1-50 of 198 or whatever) and next/previous item controls. This is the one with the drop-down for Display Density

The Gmail help page isn't too clear; although the instructions are factually correct, it's easy to look in the wrong place! RC  

"To adjust this limit, just follow these steps:

Click the gear icon at the top corner of your inbox .

Choose from Comfortable (least dense), Cozy, and Compact (densest)."