Sunday, 6 November 2011

How-to: replace Banshee with Rhythmbox on Ubuntu 11.10

Removing Banshee in Ubuntu 11.10I tried. I did try. Truth is Banshee media player and I never did get on. Banshee's searching and sorting never got into my head, simple though it is. I liked Banshee's left pane listing of all media sources, really I did. It's just everything on the right got piled up and was never customisable the way I wanted. I guess I never got over my 'ex': Rhythmbox.

Following UDS-P, it seems mono-dependent Banshee is out and Rhythmbox is back in for Unbuntu 12.04! So I'm going home; Banshee is out, Rhythmbox is back in...
  • Start in Software Centre. Filter by Installed button, top-centre.
  • Open Sound and Video category, click Banshee. Click Remove.
  • The option box will offer up the Banshee plug-ins for sacrifice. You may as well take them all out.
That's Banshee out. If you did a clean install of 11.10, Rhythmbox needs to be installed. If you upgraded, Rhythmbox should still be sitting unloved in a dark corner awaiting a return to the spotlight!

Install Rhythmbox
    Install Rhythmbox in Ubuntu 11.10
  • Back in the main Software Center window, lift the filter by selecting All Software.
  • Enter Rhythmbox in the search box top right.
  • Select it from the top of the list, in the info window click install on the right. Authenticate to install and watch it go!
  • From the bottom of the info window, select Add to Launcher if that's what you want.
Yes, you can still run apt-get install rhythmbox in a terminal if that floats your boat.

Set Rhythmbox as default media playerTo set Rhythmbox as your default audio player
There is no more “Preferred Applications” in Ubuntu Oneiric. These settings are built into System Info managed by System Settings(Gnome Control Center). Kinda...

In Unity or Gnome-shell, you should be able to click on your User Account menu at the top-right corner and choose System Settings to launch gnome-control-center.

Then scroll down and click on System Info, navigate to the Default Applications tab and then you change the default apps from the drop-down lists.

Except it doesn't work.

Forget System Info - I'm not sure why it doesn't work as advertised, it just doesn't. You need to set defaults on the files themselves, once per file type.

You can do the old, reliable, manual way from your file manager.
  • Right-click an example of your audio file type 9.mp3, ogg, .mp2, whatever), select Properties, Open With...
  • The current default will likely be Movie Player since you took away Banshee.
  • Rhythmbox comes up as Recommended. Select it, then select Set as Default button in bottom right.
  • Alternatively, you could accelerate the process by editing your media apps list: gedit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
  • In the [Default Applications] section change all the audio lines to rhythmbox.desktop, for example, .flac files; audio/flac=rhythmbox.desktop
And Go Rhythmbox! RC