News: Banshee Out, Rhythmbox Back In - UDS-P

Install Rythmbox in Ubuntu 11.10If you're following the Ubuntu Developer Summit, UDS-P, you may have heard that Banshee is to be dropped for Rhythmbox in 12.04. Yay! Good news. And after all that fuss over which media player to include as default in 11.10!

Glad to see that RB won through in the end, hopefully this ends the uncertainty over ongoing development.

I’m going to remove Banshee and the mono stack right away.

Thanks for the news from attendee and Linux Mint mainstay Julien Lavergne. Enjoy the remainder of UDS. RC

UDS-P Default Apps Discussion

This is the usual session to discuss applications by default. Many topics discussed :
  • Inclusion of Boot-repair in the Live-CD : probably yes if there is no stopper.
  • Inclusion of FreeRDP : to be check with security.
  • Video editor : No (not needed by default)
  • Rhythmbox / Banshee : This subject was a bit of surprise for me, I didn’t expect such discussion will happen. However, the 2 applications have problems : 
  • Banshee : Problem on ARM (doesn’t work), no GTK3 support, and removing Banshee will remove Mono from the CD (good for the space) and probably from main (which make Security team happy, not having to maintain Mono stack for 5 years)
  • RB : UbuntuOne store needs to be updated, Music lens needs to be updated, it needs a release from upstream.
  • A quick vote on usage of both applications in the room makes approximately a 50 / 50 result (maybe a bit more for RB).
Conclusion, RB will probably be back on the CD, if no problem is raised by the other teams not present during the session. The decision was not easy, but IMO it makes sense in the context of an LTS. And, well, Banshee will still be available in the archive, will at least the same level of integration than in 11.10. JL