How-to: Firefox 8 Pop-up Blocker and Picasa

Firefox 8 Not Guilty (solution at article end)

If you have the Firefox pop-up blocker turned on and add websites to the 'Exceptions' white-list, this should allow only those website to use pop-ups: not adverts and re-directs that you want to block, but pictures or functions that opens in a new window or tab. Pop-up blocker on is a useful tool as it prevents a lot of junk from getting thrown up on screen.

However, with the upgrade to Firefox 8, some users claim that the Google Picasa photo-sharing service is broken. Not so.

I suddenly found I couldn't upload any photos using the "Select photos from your computer" button in the Picasa web interface, it triggered Firefox's popup blocker bar. I already added to the allowed popup sites in Firefox (using the Preferences button in the yellow popup blocker bar), but Firefox continued to block the page from opening the Select a File dialog window.

Now, the Linux version of Firefox 8 doesn't support the drag/drop of files right onto the web page - unlike Chromium - which takes out the alternate method.

Having used Firefox 8.0 for a few weeks, the problem suddenly appeared. While Firefox is far from perfect, I believe in this instance, Google is the culprit; it seems Google is rationalising it's code base across applications.
It looks like the Picasa uploader is using the code from Google Docs, hosted from the Doc's servers. This looks to Firefox like a site redirect pop-up, so it kills the page.

Try adding: to your Exceptions white-list. RC