Monday, 12 December 2011

News: Fix for Linux Mint MATE

Thursday, December 1st, Clem released a fix for the MATE desktop enhancements, intending to fix  the following issues:
  •     100% CPU usage with certain themes
  •     Panel disappearing with certain themes
  •     Notification daemon freezing with certain themes
The MATE panel is the hybrid of Mint Menu with a sidebar launcher.

MATE has some compatibility issues between the Ubuntu version of GTK and MATE which affected the use of themes; Carbon, Mint-Z-Mate and Clearlooks are good, but most were problematic and made MATE both buggy and slow.

How to test the fix?
If you’re using MATE in Linux Mint 12 you can enable “Unstable packages (Romeo) in the Software Sources section of the Update Manager. Make sure to “Refresh” and sort the list of updates by version number. You should apply all updates having the version “2.24.6-0ubuntu5linuxmint1″, log out and log back in.

The unstable 'Romeo' repository isn’t often used, but if successful, the fix will be promoted to the main repositories.

There are various reports of success in testing. I've applied the patches to bith the virtual machine and the Celeron tower. It didn't work. I've still got a very plain, crunky, windows-style start menu in the bottom right corner. It's not MATE, mate. RC