Sunday, 8 January 2012

How-to: Update Ubuntu's Font Cache

Following on from a previous post, it's possible you may need to do some trouble-shooting after installing new fonts that either Linux can't see, or your applications such as Open Office can't see. This rather depends on where you put your newly installed fonts.

The easiest way to fresh the font-cache is typed in the terminal window:
sudo fc-cache -fv

But you only have to run fc-cache if you copy fonts into a common sub-folder in /usr/share/fonts/ which is a system-wide directory. It is not necessary for fonts placed in your personal user space, /home, in ~/.fonts.

You shouldn't have to restart the x-server (graphics session manager) to see the new fonts either, Linux is much more elegant these days.

You do still need to restart programs such as Open Office, GIMP and the like to see the new fonts. Those fonts copied to the .fonts folder are picked up by applications once they are restarted. RC