Look through a Lens in Ubuntu Unity

It's another item of new terminology that we're going to see more often in Unity: what is a Lens?

Our faithful guide to all things Unity, Jorge Castro, provides this definition:

"It is a graphical interface for a task, it is also linked in with the dash for search results. for example when clicking the application lens it shows the apps in a nice, slick interface , with other results for like app to download and most frequent apps."

There's a shorter answer
"Lenses are elements of the Unity Dash that provide a UI to search both the web and application data."

We've shown the illustration of the Music lens at the top of the post.

Still don't get it? Try taking a look at the example on the Ubuntu wiki and to get an idea what's already here or in development, the OMG boys posted on the subject earlier in the year.

There's already a stack of third party lenses you can install to enhance your Unity experience; check out the post on Ask Ubuntu for examples and installation instructions, but bear in mind these are third party developed and not from Canonical, so install at your own risk and expect the occasional glitch. RC