Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Full Circle Magazine 11.10 Unity Special Edition

Full Circle Magazine 11.10 Unity Special Edition is available from the main site!

Something of an unusual Special Edition this time, it really is special in that little of this material has appeared in Full Circle Magazine before.

Our on-going Specials are compilations of popular article series published in prior editions of Full Circle. For this one, we're out on a limb, running new articles, albeit on some familiar topics we've touched on, for example in the Q and A section of the magazine.

This is also the first not overseen by our esteemed Editor, Mr Tucker. You are now at the mercy of the demented genius usually in charge (if you can call it that) of the Full Circle Podcast.

While that show is enjoying it's Winter break, try not to be too alarmed by the random mind of the man who brought you Mallard Man and Northern Star Trek.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. Enjoy. RC