How-to: Disable 'For Download' in the Unity Dash

Another 'Marmite' design choice (you'll love it or hate it, indifference is not an option) in the Ubuntu Unity Dash; head for Applications and an entire chunk of the Dash is taken up with  "Applications for Download" with a selection taken from the Ubuntu Software Center.

It would be a great idea if it ever suggested anything useful (to me, anyway), but instead it just eats up space in the Dash I could use for other things. Like seeing the stack of favourite programs I already installed, thank you.

In Ubuntu 12.04, this "Applications for Download" section in the dash can be disabled.

You will need to install the dconf-tools package - better known as the Dconf Editor.   In Ubuntu Software Center, search for dconf, or in the terminal, run;

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

You can run the Dconf Editor from the dash (since 12.04 Unity will pin every new install there!) or bring up the run box using Alt-f2 and enter dconf-tools to launch the dconf-editor. 

Navigate to desktop > unity > lenses > applications and uncheck the ‘display-available-apps’ box, which is enabled by default.

You will get a whole line of extra space in the Dash from the next time you login. RC

With thanks to Joe Steiger for pointing out where this setting sits