Opinion: Google Plus Still Doesn't Get it

Rant alert: Google+ naming policy remains the most unutterably dumb, un-safe, impractical and unworkable piece of junk Google ever came up with!  The thing still insists on 'real names' but couldn't recognise a real name if you painted it on a missile and fired it at them. Lord knows what anyone outside the Anglo-speaking world does with this piece of junk.

There is an appeals process that doesn't resolve appeals. I think I know why. Advertisers.

Oh, does my choice of name make if difficult for you to sell me <stuff>, Google?

Better decide if you're a world-beating social network safe for the whole world to use including dissidents and the vulnerable, or a glorified vending machine.

Oh, I forgot. Since your IPO, you're a glorified vending machine.

How this many intelligent engineers and marketing people can still have their heads up their tail-pipes after running it this long in beta and live running escapes me.

And if anyone can get their head around the Venn Diagram of Circles in Google Plus, I'm willing to listen.

Hopeless. RC