Thursday, 29 March 2012

How-to: Stop Zeitgeist Displaying Everything in the Dash

Zeitgeist is the event logging tool built into Ubuntu; it provides the engine for much of the user search capabilities and results for things like the Dash. You may think it's a marvel or the biggest source of embarrassment, depending on who's looking over your shoulder.

Activity Log Manager for Zeitgeist is available through the Software Center and provides a little more control.

You can use the 'Files' tab to blacklist the folders where you keep private files.

You can also completely disable Zeitgeist by un-checking the 'Logging active' button at the bottom; this will blackout all file searches in the Dash, so the first method blacklisting only certain folders or applications may be of more benefit. This application will also clear the Zeitgeist history and by extension, the Dash history along with it. RC