News: 11.10 to Unity

More from the Full Circle Magazine Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity Special Edition, by yours truly.

The Overview
Unity first appeared in 2010 in the original Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition, a re-spin which attempted, much like Sugar OS and others, to provide a simplified, friendlier interface on the smaller, vertically challenged displays of the first generation net-books. For many people, these were the first computers they had ever owned.

Ubuntu 11.04 was the official release of the Unity desktop across net-books, desktops, and laptops, alike. Now it's moved up to a GNOME-3  shell.

“Unity is a shell for GNOME, even if it isn't GNOME Shell. We're committed to the principles and values of GNOME. ”

-Mark Shuttleworth,
Ubuntu Founder

Ubuntu 11.10 marks the full commitment to Unity in place of alternative layouts; GNOME-2 is history, the radical GNOME-Shell is an acquired taste and alternatives such as KDE, Xfce and others are only slowly gaining ground.
 Even though there is GNOME Foundation technology beneath, Canonical, Ubuntu's distributor, has made the decision to go with its own distinctive user interface (UI).

As you'll see from our look at the future and the Heads Up Display (HUD), it's not finished yet. RC