Testing the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO's

I'm joining in testing the Ubuntu 12.04 RC (Release Candidate) disk iimages (ISO's) before this week's launch. It's all good so far.

Having downloaded the 32-bit ISO  as per the instructions, I've now done three faultless installs of 12.04 on both real hardware and virtual machines.

We're tracking the testing and results using the iso tracker, which comes with a fully documented set of procedures.

You can find the rc iso tests located at the Ubuntu Quality Assurance site.

I'm running the 32-bit Desktop image in VirtualBox 4.1.12 which has been fine so far with the 12.04 Releae Candidate; I have also given it a shot natively on my Dell 6400 Dual Core 2Ghz/4GB. Discovery of the day is getting Unity 3D working!

I may also try the 64-bit on the Dell if I get time.

Time is short, but you can join in right up to release time if you want to.

Preparations: What you need

  • A spare computer or hard drive for test installs. (A virtual machine can be used but we would prefer to see more tests performed on a variety of physical hardware.)
  • A moderate level of Linux experience so you are able to find the relevant log files and produce useful bug reports: ReportingBugs
  • Some available time before a milestone release to perform tests and file reports.
  • If you do not already have one, set up a Launchpad account so you can report bugs. If you have signed up to edit the Ubuntu wiki you will already have a Launchpad account.
In doing specific testing of the CD/DVD images it is important to focus on those aspects that are typically not used by those who simply run the latest unstable version on their system through daily updates. Such testing is of course also extremely valuable. Key points in image testing include image integrity (md5sums), Live CD and installer functionality.

Each ISO image has a set of test cases associated with it. Click the screwdriver icon on the tracker to see details of the test case and see Testing/InstallMethods for details on each install method.

Reporting results
The test results are tracked on the iso testing tracker website at iso.qa.ubuntu.com. Once you are registered, you can log in to report your test results. The website is divided into several sections, and results are reported based on the following criteria:
  • Flavor of Ubuntu (e.g., Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, etc.)
  • Type of CD image (e.g., live or alternate install cd)
  • Method of installation (e.g., manual partitioning, partition resizing, etc.)
It's a necessary step to test the various images from which people will be installing this next release of Ubuntu and the more people join in, the better the quality should be at launch and beyond. RC