Saturday, 26 May 2012

How-to: Samsung Kies Air wi-fi app

Samsung Kies Air screen shot"It's time to share wirelessly! Manage your mobile via Internet browser.  

Kies air is a application that enables you to easily manage contents saved on your device via PC Internet or mobile browser using Wi-Fi technology. Without having to connect any cables, within a browser you can use diverse function such as multimedia transfer, music listening, PIMS management, text message, file search, and so on."

I know I'm behind the curve on this wireless technology thing, but this is probably the coolest thing I've found on the phone so far. Kies Air is one of the bundled Samsung apps that comes on the Galaxy S2.

I'm happy to report that it does exactly what it's designed for and it works great with no USB cable required to transfer data between the phone and the computer.

You open your browser and you can upload or download files, play music from your phone, watch video, and view pictures and much more.

To access the phone's content from a PC or laptop
  • Connect the phone and PC to the same wi-fi access point (router)
  • Launch the Kies Air app on the phone and press the "Start" button
  • Type the URL displayed by Kies Air into the browser on PC. It will be the network IP address and port number for the phone, something like
  • Allow the access request on the phone
  • You might also allow create desktop icon after accessing Kies air, so you can access Kies Air without typing URL using desktop icon.
Its not perfect but...
Some browsers don't support Java applets and it's inconvenient that the Java add-on is used in this application. Kies has a random-seeming limit of 100MB upload and only a single file at a time unless you install Java which then supports multiple file selection.

The browser interface is good in some parts and lousy in others. The main window is a miracle of multi-pane display. There's a lot of button clicking in the web app (particularly for uploading). You would rather it used drag and drop features like the Skydrive does. Photos may lose extra info like date taken during the transfer among other bugs.

For me, it works just fine. I'm taking a little extra time working with Kies as it is still so new to me, but I would recommend you try Kies Air for all of its various applications.

There's a general introduction page on the Samsung site and a video tutorial for Kies Air. RC