New Site: Catling on Film

Catling on FilmAnnouncing the new site for those who care less about what else we do on Everything Express but like the film reviews: Catling on Film.

The 'brain-child' of Robin Catling, it's the film reviews distilled from Everything Express, plus some other comment and commentary on the film business. With guest posts from Pritchard, Corsten and maybe some others.

We realised there is such a strong movie bias coming through the Everything Express site, we might as well throw the spotlight on it and put it on a site of it's own. That's the whole idea, right there.

You may ask why the world needs another movie review site and we'd be struggling for a decent answer, but as a first shot;
  • we're independent of the industry and the media
  • we've no agenda
  • we say what we think
  • we like movies; watching them, analysing them, talking and writing about them
It's not much of a manifesto, but it's all we need!

The site is live from this week and will be expanding gradually over the summer.

You can follow @CatlingonFilm on Twitter. RC