Monday, 11 June 2012

Another Rail Against 12.04

It seems every time Ubuntu 12.04 is updated, the worse it gets.

On my dual-core machine that has happily run Ubuntu since 7.04, this LTS is developing more faults and faster. 
  • Hibernate is dead
  • Nautilus is up and down like a politician's trousers
  • Boot times are now longer than the last ice age AND leave me staring at a black screen
  • The wireless connection is randomly up and down and has nothing with the ISP or router (my other machines prove it)
  • Sound starts muted all the time and I never mute it.

Hibernate now fails 100%. It no longer hibernates. Everyone else complains their box won't resume, mine just sticks at a black screen with a flashing cursor and never powers off. Unresponsive.  If I leave it long enough I get various time out messages, but it's a dead session. All you can do is yank the power cord.

The stock Canonical response is "we changed power management because it didn't work for everyone all of the time." So what? You changed it so it's consistently not working all of the time?

I used Hibernate all the time. I can't use Suspend mode  as the Dell's battery is screwed. Besides, I don't want to use Suspend, as that still uses energy. I want a hibernate state with a fast wake up. Now I'm stuck with a shutdown reboot cycle so long that new life forms can evolve. I'm hoping
some of them will develop sentience, get jobs with Canonical and fix 12.04. RC