How-to: Adopt an ISO - Quantal 12.10

This is early in the testing stage of 12.10, with few noticeable changes in the standard desktop  and applications, however there are numerous changes going on inside the installer and other things under the hood.

There's no reason not to do your bit in testing 12.10, in a virtual machine if you have nothing else or on a bit of spare hardware, as Nicholas reiterates often, the QA team is interested in testing on as many combinations of physical hardware as possible.

Nicholas Skaggs is promoting the QA testing programme helping to adopt an iso for the Ubuntu 12.10 Precise release:

"Now, the time has come for Quantal. I would encourage all of you to join the ubuntu-testing-team on launchpad and sign up for the ubuntu-qa mailing list, [or keep up to date on]

"This will keep you in the loop for more opportunities to help make ubuntu better -- some of them don't require running the development version, so don't let that hinder you from joining.

"This lays out some of the details of what we as a QA community in ubuntu will be doing this cycle:

In regards to iso testing for the quantal cycle, please see the link below:"

I'm downloading the latest 12.10 build while I'm posting and expect to keep testing throughout the cycle. RC