Opinion: Not All is Well with Pangolin 12.04

Clean install, patched and up-to-date, yet Ubuntu 12.04 is far from plain sailing.

It's an LTS or Long Term Suport release running on a dual-core machine that has happily run Ubuntu since 7.04. The LTS code should be the most robust, most stable, most performant.

And yet...

  • The GIMP crashes almost every time I use it; either as a straight abnormal exit, invoking Apport bug reporter, or it hangs on file saves so that you have to invoke System Monitor and end the process. Sometimes it hangs so badly you have to use Kill Process.
  • Firefox will randomly hang with a handful of familiar tabs open.
  • OpenShot is almost unusable for crashes.
  • Nautilus goes West at times when browsing or copying between Samba shares.
  • Libre Office will randomly pack its bags and go home with only two documents open.

I discovered a new one today, Archive Manager (File Roller) decided to crash with five small zip files open.

To its' credit, Ubuntu itself keeps the desktop session up, so process management in the kernel is working fine. But it suffers a lot of application hiccups like this on a daily basis. This is not an issue I get on the newer Dell Mini-10 netbook or the positively antique Compaq Evo.

Something is clearly not right. I'm hoping not too many Linux converts are suffering this same pattern; if they are, they won't stick around. RC