Review: Triangulation 63 - Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman on Triangulation #63, TWiT networkOne of the first web designers and pioneer of web standard design, structure and behaviour, Jeffrey Zeldman guested on Triangulation, onLeo Laporte's TWiT network a couple of weeks ago.

I don't usually listen to the Triangulation show, but Zeldman is such a legend in the design field, I couldn't miss this one. The show is an odd episode Triangulation in that it's usually Leo, Tom Merritt and guest, but Tom's missing from this one.

Zeldman stepped through his career lows; former journalist fired from the Washington Post, touring musician with an inept communist manager, advertising exec in copyrighting and art direction; winding up in 1995 in advertising at an entertainment agency, where he began his web career with a website for the Batman movie.

Always an evangelist for the power of well-crafted HTML, proper tags and searchable content, Leo took Zeldman through the beginnings of the Semantic Web and CSS over at the CSS Zen Garden site. Currently a leader in Responsive Design, working with Ethan Marcotte, Zeldman is as determined as ever to reach all people on all devices, shaping mobile, content, function and usability. Ever the pragmatist, he talks on the dilemma of the pollution of content for the sake of advertising and paying the bills.

An engaging speaker, Zeldman chatted informally for an hour or so, as Leo stepped back for a change and gently guided the conversation. If you're interested in web design past present and future, this is worth a listen. RC

Jeffrey Zeldman is curator of the web design website A List Apart, author of Designing with Web Standards.