Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 - Migrating Early

Good riddance to bad rubbish - 12.04 Precise Pangolin has been nothing short of a disaster on my Dell laptop. Buggy, unstable; you would think an LTS (Long Term Support Release) would be more stable not less. But no. Over the lifecycle, it has gained new and different bugs, odd behaviours and the frustration factor has grown worse, not abated.

12.04 works okay -ish on the old hardware of the Compaq laptop (although some of the bugs have begun to appear on that lately). 12.04 works mostly fine on the Mini-10 Netbook (occassionally Nautilus falls over). It just doesn't work on the Dell.

Last evening Firefox and Truecrypt, previously unshakeable in the same version I am running now, randomly stopped. Mid-write. I am sure Nautilus isn't helping - that's randomly but frequently crashed since Day One (along with GIMP, colord, Compiz and a string of other programs since, including Samba's smbd).

I had already decided to migrate to the 12.10 Beta, and am trying to back up data. So a Truecrypt/Nautilus write-failure is not a welcome development. My Truecrypt volume is a 12GB file and I keep getting write failures in the midst of copying data to and from. All data operations I have done before, pre-, mid- and post- upgrades since Ubuntu 6.04.

What's the root cause? I don't know. I am now avoiding Truecrypt and Firefox running simultaneously for fear of another train wreck - I am having to restore a backup of the Truecrypt volume that has been flipped into read-only and nothing I can Google to fix it works. This is not good.

Somehow the 12.04 release that should have been a safe, reliable one has turned out to be a dud. Roll on 12.10. I'm going to upgrade early to Beta-2 version, 12.04 has been that bad. RC


  1. Do you have hardware problems - overheating, HD failing?

  2. Anon: funny you should mention overheating; on both the Dell and the new Lenovo, the 12.xx releases of Ubuntu have noticeably increased the fan activity and the heat coming out the back.

    12.xx seems to work the mainboard a lot harder than previously. This doesn't always correspond to processor load.

    While I don't have any over-heating or drive failures, I do get uncomfortable at the temperature of the swappable HD coming out of the Dell.

    I can imaging some older machines having problems with this. I am going to look into it further. RC


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