News: No Ubuntu 12.10 Guests in VirtualBox 4.2.2

Ubuntu 12.10 desktop in VirtualBox 4.2.2
I know; too many version numbers in that post title. But that's the story.

An interesting development; I had Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal working quite happily all the way through the Alpha and Beta releases in Oracle VirtualBox 4.1 and 4.2.

I use the Oracle version rather than the one in the Ubuntu repos not because I love Oracle (I don't) but because it is updated more frequently and has USB support built in (the repo version lacks this).

However with the official release of 12.10, I get an interesting result. My 12.10 guest boots into LightDM, I can log in, then I get a lovely blank desktop. No Unity -no top panel, no launcher. No alt-f2, no terminals. Nada.

Session information states that VTX and nested paging are disabled (no they're not). I have no graphics acceleration (it's enabled). If I'm lucky, Compiz tries to start but then crashes. If not, it just fails with no notification. 12.10 is broken as a guest.

From what I've gleaned form the VirtualBox forums and a referenced support ticket, this is a known and being worked on.

The upshot is if you're trying to use Ubuntu 12.10 as a guest in Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.2; it doesn't work.

Holding my breath... RC


  1. dammit I've spent hours trying to get this to work... lame!

  2. Jeremy: I've got the same issue. The trouble is the VirtualBox developers are behind the curve and Canonical are tweaking the graphics in 12.10 still. It will be so much better when the compiz stack is replaced by Wayland.

    At some stage VBox will catch up again. Keep the faith! RC

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