Monday, 5 November 2012

How-to: Fix VirtualBox 4.2 Proxy Error

There is a slight kink in VirtualBox 4.2.2, namely in the default settings. Initially I got this error in alarming red text:

Invalid settings detected : the value of the Host field on the Proxy page is not complete.
Which is quite right; I don't use a proxy, and I suspect 95%-plus of VirtualBox users don't either.

Going to File, Preferences, I find the Enable proxy box isn't ticked. I'm not using it. So the proxy address and port number is empty. Why that is now a mandatory error condition I have no idea.

All I want to do is kill the error message.

My Workaround? In File > Preferences, on the proxy tab, tick "Enable Proxy" to unlock the host and port fields. Put as the host and port 8080 (although as I'm not using it I could put anything in host and port), then you can untick "Enable proxy" to disable it. The values stay put, so the validation passes and the error goes away. RC

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