Mister Night Sky [Guest Post]

Mister Night Sky
Mister Night Sky (for Sir Patrick Moore) December 2012

This began as a simple ‘Man in the Moon’ picture, then I added a satellite. A thought struck me that it would be nice if I included some Patrick Moore icons, so the realistic satellite was gradually replaced with one made from cricket stumps, a xylophone and a monocle.

Patrick Moore encouraged me with an astronomy examination, when (for some unknown reason) most of my teachers opposed me taking it.

He entertained me and my family at his home and paid my first subscription for the British Astronomical Association.

He gave me his own copy of ‘The Amateur Astronomer’ from his book shelf, and signed it to me.

Nice man.

A gentleman.

I will miss him every time I look into space. TCHE

Thomas Everchild ( on Twitter, also ) runs Studio1919 and Afterthought Productions.