Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Thirteen: That's How it Feels To Be Wrong

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In this episode, Ubuntu Phone and TV.

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Your Hosts:
Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard  

Show Notes  

01:52 | WELCOME and INTRO  

  • Dave has been blogging
  • Ed got a Galaxy Nexus 4
  • Alan has been on Kickstarter in place of the shopping channels, the latest delivery being the Digisparc.
  • Robin rashly took on the Full Circle Magazine Audio Edition (coming soon)
14:46 | Catch-up with UDS and 13.04 Mid-Cycle Sprint with Alan, and we discuss rolling releases.  

22:43 | Ubuntu Phone - the gloves are off!

In a video released over the New Year, Mark Shuttleworth demos the new Ubuntu Phone operating system. In a glossy, well produced (if slightly long 8mins 37secs), Canonical founder and CTO Mark Shuttleworth talks us through Ubuntu Phone, An Industry Proposition, a product he hopes will challenge iOS, Android and now Tizen in the mobile market.

Some of the key features:
  • Ubuntu distilled from TV and desktop
  • 'Welcome screen' not lock screen
  • One-handed operation using all four screen edges
  • Full swipe gesture control
  • Bottom edge for show/hide buttons
  • Show Unity Dash any time using left swipe
  • Go to previous app using right swipe
  • Full customisation of home screen
  • Ubuntu Software Centre for mobile apps
  • UbuntuOne cloud storage built in.
  • Native Apps built in QT framework
1.07:10 | Ubuntu TV:  

1.19:37 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us  

1.20:11 | WRAP and OUTRO  


  1. its brilliant to here you all back again great show keep it up and can i have some more please.


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