The Future of Linux Pt 2 [Guest Post]

Continuing a series of guest posts sparked by a discussion over at the Hampshire Linux User Group. This turned out to be the best argued thread that we've had in some time, and worth wider reading. Here is Vic's first response to Ally Biggs question.

Do you guys ever think there will be a day that Linux will be as popular as Windows in the desktop market?

Yes. Not for a while, for sure, but eventually, GNU/Linux will be pervasive. Android/Linux is already getting there.

I used to think this would take tens of years, but Microsoft seems to be
falling over itself to upset users lately...

As far as a career goes, knowing your way round the latest Windows Server
will help. Just don't expect it to be a path to instant riches - there are
many people out there with those qualifications. Unix-type skills
generally command a higher salary, although the work can be harder to

Bear in mind that the Command Line Interface is not the only way to do things in Linux. It is
my preference, but it tends to frighten the horses if you do too much of it in front of a customer.

Why isn't it being adopted more for everyday use?


Why don't the developers standardise a distribution for the home user i.e. same package manager and packages?

Because no-one can determine, for all mankind, what such a distribution would be. Canonical has tried to do something like that, and many people like their distribution. I'm not among that number, so if I get a choice, I'll usually use something else.

For any preference you might have, I'll find you ten people who hate it with a passion...

So how did you guys learn Linux? Found a rubbish old machine. Installed RHL on it. Thought up a few projects to do with it.

What are the key areas to focus on to develop a good foundation?

Learn to break down complex problems into component parts. The "Unix Way" is about having each piece of code do one thing, and do it well. You then combine those components to create your natty $thing. Vic