The Future of Linux Pt 5 [Guest Post]

Continuing a series of guest posts sparked by a discussion over at the Hampshire Linux User Group. Brad Rogers contributes to Ally Biggs question.

The real (at least, IMO) problem is that nobody needs any qualifications to be able to buy and/or use a computer.  I can think of few, if any, equally complex pieces of technology that do not require some sort of required learning.  Most often with a test of competence that needs to be passed before one is allowed to go solo.  Cars, aeroplanes, you name it...

Microsoft and their ilk like to hide the nuts and bolts of their systems because it means a whole industry is created, purely to rectify the horrendous cock-ups many of the computer illiterate unwashed will perpetrate.  Computers are difficult. GUIs just make it *look* simple.

Frankly, the worst thing to happen to computers was the WIMP interface. At that point, it became inevitable that there would be shed-loads or morons running computers, most of whom I wouldn't trust to run their own baths.

LUG (well, any computer group really) members are, of course, not in the category I just outlined.  Group members are quite knowledgeable when it comes to computers.  Some of them prodigiously so.  Many have particular speciality skills too, which allows them to assist those that ask for help when they become stuck. BR

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