How-to: Check Privacy Settings in Facebook

Facebook privacy settings menuI know we've covered this previously, but that was before Facebook revamped the controls!

It courteously sent us a 'reminder' earlier, which usually means they're feeling gulty and getting emailed like topsy because no one can find the settings any more...

Helpfully, all this stuff is now in one place: on the left of the search box beside your user ID and Home buttons, there's a funny icon which is meant to represent security - a padlock over a set of bars.
Facebook privacy settings menuThis opens the Privacy Shortcuts menu, with the heading "Who can see my stuff" where you will find
  • Posts
  • Activity Log
  • Timeline
  • Who can contact me
  • How do I stop someone bothering me
And there's an option below that for even more settings.

Facebook privacy settings menuThe basics include message filtering, who can send you friend requests and so on. It's all powered by drop-down lists, so go ahead and have a play.

You can fence yourself off from a lot of the Facebook nonsense, but do not assume it means what you think it should in terms of privacy, nor assume it is 100% effective.

Facebook is driving ad revenue so you are likely to get unsolicited sponsored ads and messages from now on which bypass security settings. Also do not assume it will trickle down to all your previous posts made since you joined.

Remember, this is the web lived in public - if you don't want it seen, delete it (and hope for the best). RC