News: Ubuntu Releases - End of Life UPDATED

A reminder from the Ubuntu Quality mailing list:

...just so everyone knows. The up coming EOL dates were a little bit staggered on the exact dates. To bring everything together, the Release Team have decided upon the following.

The following releases will all reach End Of Life on May 9th 2013:

  • Hardy 8.04 (Server) 
  • Ubuntu 10.04 (Desk Top)
  • Ubuntu 11.10 
As 10.04 is supported on server until 2015 thus giving such people at least a chance of still receiving kernel updates, I have asked if there is a way for the 10.04 lubuntu desktop to continue to receive the kernel updates for lubuntu 10.04 desktop for those of whom the dropping of the old chip sets is the only option they have.

The area at has been updated by the team to reflect the revised dates.

I have an update for 10.04

Ending Ubuntu Desktop support just means that we no longer release desktop- related updates, the repository won't (can't) go away and be archived, since server, as you note, still depends on it.  In that sense, lucid in general is "supported" for another three years.  Nothing changes for people, they just won't get non-server SRUs and security updates from Canonical, nor is there a community commitment to make them.

So, your users don't need to do anything.  Kernels will keep getting updated, and life goes on.

 care of Phill Whiteside


  1. mean that i can keep using ubuntu 10.04 after desktop's eol?


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