How-to: Fix No Host only adapter selected in Virtualbox

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After my last upgrade of Oracle VirtualBox, I got a strange message unseen previously:

"no host only network adapter selected"

This is when I try to configure my vritual machines.
In VirtualBox terms, this is a standard and expected bit of virtual kit, and the application complains if it doesn't find one.

Usually, this message means the virtual host-only network wasn't set up. This operates at system-level, not individual virtual machine so it looks like a serious breakage in virtualbox. It isn't.

You can set this up manually yourself:

  • From the main menu, select File > Preferences (Ctrl+G) - it's not in the settings of a single virtual machine.Select Network in the list on the left
  • You will see an empty white box with "Host-only Networks" at the top. To the right are three buttons to manage them. 
  • Click the topmost network adapter icon with a green 'plus' symbol. A new Host-only network will be created and added to the list - this is generally named vboxnet0 by the installer but it could be anything.
If you go into the editor - highlight this adapter and click the screwdriver icon - you should find the default values, which are:

        IPv4 address:
        IPv4 Network Mask:

More importantly the error message goes away and you have Host-only networking capability back. RC


  1. Thank you! with this information I can solved my problem.

  2. my best regards
    solved my problem

  3. I wasn't so lucky.
    I got the following message after pressing the green plus symbol.
    "Failed to create the host-only network interface".


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