Monday, 13 May 2013

News: Ubuntu 13.10 ‘Saucy Salamander'

With a self-confessed lack of inspiration or deep thought, Mr Spaceshuttle has announced the codemane for the next release of Ubuntu (13.10) will be:  'Saucy Salamander.'

Oh well, at least its; not in the realms of Fedora's 'Beefy Miracle.'

How long before it becomes know as 'Spicy Salami'?

The release schedule and milestones are up on the Ubuntu Wiki.

Following the pattern established for  Ubuntu 13.04 there will only be a single beta release for Ubuntu 13.10 itself, although the family releases can do their own thing: Ubuntu flavours, Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Lubuntu, could put out as many as 3 alphas, 2 betas and a release candidate. RC
  • Alpha 1 – June 20th
  • Alpha 2 – July 18th
  • Alpha 3 – August 1st
  • Beta 1- September 5th
  • Final Beta – September 26th
  • Release Candidate – October 10th
  • Final Release - October 17th 
Image credit: An adult salamander from Wikimedia Commons. August 17, 2004. Source: Regenerating Lost Muscle: Msx1 to the Rescue. PLoS Biol 2/8/2004: e266.

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