How-to: Facebook Debugger Tool

Facebook: s'horrible. Even if you can work out where they've put everything this week, chances are when you post from other sites, it won't show up how you want it. Broken thumbnail links are my biggest bugbear. I don't call it Facepunch for nothing.

Welcome the Facebook Debugger tool; it’s a handy little tool for developers that’s been around for awhile, but is equally useful for the rest of us.

I use it when link preview is missing an image that I know is on the source page. Sometimes the description snippet is old and doesn’t reflect the current content. Rather than edit the title and description - which you can -  if you click on them in the preview, when that link then gets shared by friend, it reverts back to the messed up original. This lack of what-you-see-is-what-you-get in the preview is because the data has been cached.

Go to the Facebook Debugger tool. On this page, you’ll find a simple box asking for a URL.  Enter the link URL that's causing problems and after spitting back a lot of technical info - the parsed OpenGraph meta tags - the cache is cleared. When you post your link again you’ll see an updated link preview containing all of the current content. RC